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Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats

Secoura is an AI-Powered Cyber Defense solution for Network Visibility, Threat Detection and Autonomous Response.


Security for
Enterprise, Cloud and IT Operations

Secoura is a Network Detection and Response platform that provides security across premises and cloud environments. Secoura listens to all network traffic and analyses your cyber security data from your business systems in real-time, allowing any incidents to be immediately flagged and potential attacks to be identified before they are exploited. ​

SaaS & IaaS

Office Networks

Remote Work-force

Real Time Alerts

Dashboards & Reporting

Autonomous Response

API Integrations

If you do not know what to protect, how can you protect it?

Get a real-time view of devices that are connected to the network including IoT devices. Analyse ports and protocols that have been used, unauthorized data movements, identify characteristics of encrypted traffic, improve data in existing CMDB, NAC and SIEM systems all in one place. 

Defence Against Advanced Threats

By using deep packet inspection to detect suspicious traffic patterns in all network traffic including encrypted traffic, Secoura can identify abnormal behaviours using artificial intelligence, providing continuous monitoring across the entire network.

Don't wait until tomorrow
Stop cyber-attacks now

Secoura is an autonomous response platform that integrates with everything from firewalls, network access control systems and other security applications inside your organisation. When abnormal behaviour across your network is detected, Secoura can act to neutralise the behaviour autonomously.

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Don’t Run From Cyber Challenges, 

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Secoura is AI-Powered Cyber Defense solution for Visibility, Threat Detection and Autonomous Response.