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Our Story

Secoura is a cybersecurity company that was founded in 2018 to help organizations become more cyber-secure with the new generation of Network Threat Detection and Autonomous Response. 

Secoura has developed an innovative, next-generation approach to cybersecurity that employs artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for advanced network threat detection and autonomous response capabilities.

The company’s mission is to provide innovative solutions for defence against global cyber threats, utilizing the newest advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide complete device visibility, detecting advanced threats and autonomous response in their environment allowing people to focus on what matters.

Meet the Team

Edgar Rodriguez

Bertram Truong


Gustavo Lugo

Olivia Hui
Head of Data & AI

Shina Memud
Head of Product

Camilo Ortiz
Head of Engineering

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Secoura is AI-Powered Cyber Defense solution for Visibility, Threat Detection and Autonomous Response.