Why is Network Detection and Autonomous Response relevant now?

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The answer is 24/7 Cyber monitoring, network and device visibility and autonomous threat detection and response.

Network Detection and Response (NDR) is a solution that delivers 24/7 continuous monitoring along with threat detection and autonomous response. Network security has always been about protecting the perimeter, but organisations are losing visibility into what’s happening inside their networks.

Network Detection and Response brings a whole new approach to this problem by providing a window into your network so you can see what’s going on, and the technology to respond automatically.

Network Detection provides visibility into your network so you can see all devices connected in your network in real time therefore detecting breaches early, understanding anomalies, spotting attacks in progress, analysing historical trends and quantify risks are few of the long list of benefits.

Network Detection and Response solutions are designed to detect network threats but few have the capability to provide autonomous response. This capability is helping businesses manage their security operations at low running cost as they don’t need personnel to be available to attend possible attacks after hours and the most important allowing to stop attacks in almost real-time.

A growing number of organisations are under attack from a variety of sources. As attacks have become more frequent and customised, some organisations have no choice but to outsource their entire security operations in order to keep up, others just buy one solution to get everything cover from threat detection to autonomous response.


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