How to Achieve 100% Device Inventory Coverage

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Network Threat Detection and Autonomous Response (NDR) is Network technology that has gone through a significant transformation in the past two to three years. Network Security, Monitoring, Management and response have all become more complex and require re-thinking about what is required for visibility across networks.

The first step is: You need to know what devices are connecting to your network so you can protect them. Today’s IT environments have grown in complexity, and traditional discovery tools aren’t up for the task. They’re either too expensive or not powerful enough. 

NDR is a new approach to device management that provides 100% inventory coverage at a fraction of the cost of other solutions on the market. And it does it all without an agent! Just connect our solution and we’ll automatically find everything on your network. They do more than just identify devices; we also tell you their role within your environment (i.e., DHCP server vs workstation) and provide asset information (name, operating system, location, etc.). We’ll then securely maintain device profiles in our centralized repository so you know exactly what’s on your network when it matters most.

Passively monitoring network traffic and extracting details about connected devices is the best approach to maintaining a continuously updated inventory without causing performance issues.

Network traffic flows across your network are recorded, decoded, parsed and indexed without touching the device itself. Secoura AI provides you with valuable information about devices connected to your network which can help reduce incidents of unauthorized access or malware infections because it knows what’s on your network for real.

Secoura provides you with continuous visibility into all devices connected to your local network or Cloud. Also, It can automatically identify new users and devices that haven’t been identified before.


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