Effortless Cybersecurity for Growing Businesses

A growing number of organisations are under attack from a variety of sources. As attacks have become more frequent and customised, some organisations have no choice but to outsource their entire security operations in order to keep up. Network Detection and Response (NDR) is a solution that delivers 24/7 continuous monitoring along with detection and autonomous response.

Network-based threats are not specific to any organisation or industry – Network Technology has become an integral part of our lives by connecting the world through mobile devices, tablets, laptops etc. This Network technology has made businesses connected with each other creating huge opportunities while enabling them to be more productive at lower costs. But this very same Network Technology exposes organizations to a wide range of security risks associated with Network technology including Cyber Crime & Threats, Data Breaches & Loss.

Network Technology is the biggest risk factor for businesses today and they need to gain Network Visibility across their Network Infrastructure in order to reduce these risks, protect their Network environment and comply with regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH etc. Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions are designed to address this challenge by providing real-time visibility into endpoints on the network, helping organizations prevent Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) attacks that are becoming more frequent these days.


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