The Next-Gen of Autonomous
Network Detection and Response
Powered by AI

Secoura stops the bad guys before they can reach your business
by using advanced AI technology to immediately detect and stop cyber-attacks.


Threats Have Become Advanced and Sophisticated.

Given that organisations manage ever-increasing volumes of valuable data such as intellectual property, business information,  employee and client information, the increase of cyber-attacks against them isn’t surprising.


SaaS & IaaS



Office Networks


Industrial Networks



Cloud-native and On-Premises Deployments


Passive and Agentless Platform


For all Industries and Company Sizes

Complete Network & Asset Visibility

Get the ability to visualise every device on your network and cloud

Continuous Cybersecurity Monitoring

Get incidents to be immediately flagged and potential attacks to be identified before they are exploited

Threat Hunting

Proactively search for cyber threats that always been undetected by other security tools

Autonomous Response

Let AI take action in real-time and stop cyber attacks without any human intervention

Accelerate Incident Response

Get all the information you need to conduct your incident investigations

On-premise and Cloud


Secoura integrates with the security tools that are already in your network, like firewalls, access control systems, and other active security tools, so you can respond to attacks automatically. 



Secoura can identify and stop Ransomware attacks using deep packet inspection from network traffic. When malicious traffic is identified, Secoura can automatically neutralise the threat.


Data Leaks

A data breach occurs when a cybercriminal infiltrates a data source and extracts confidential information. When Secoura detects data exfiltration, it can terminate the connection in real-time before the data leaves your company.

Some of our Customers

Oliver Hume

One of Australia’s most reputable residential property funds and real estate services groups.


Lakeside Financial

Lakeside Financial provides a comprehensive range of products and services including Personal Risk Insurance, Lending, Financial Planning, Wills.

Finance and Insurance

MW Partners 

MW Partners is a boutique accounting practice providing tax services and advice to individuals, businesses and self-managed superannuation funds.


Smiles First 

One of the biggest providers of specialized dental services in Melbourne.


Chris’ Foods 

With a proud Greek heritage spanning nearly 40 years, Chris’ Foods looks to inspire in a modern, multicultural world where every meal should be a celebration.



Blueteq is a Cybersecurity Service provider, provides solutions for businesses looking to protect their data and IT systems from hackers, malware, cybercrime or any other type of security threats.

Managed Services

Our News Blog

It Takes Years to Build a Business Reputation and a Few Minutes of Cyber-Attack to Ruin It.

Detect and Stop Advanced Threats Automatically in Real-Time with Secoura.