Benefits of Network Detection and Response

Non-stop threats have become advanced and sophisticated and given that organisations manage ever-increasing volumes of valuable data such as intellectual property and business information. As a result, the increase of cyber-attacks against them isn’t surprising.  

Organizations are now looking for more efficient, automated protection to all the data that is being managed by IT infrastructures. Network Threat Detection and Response solutions have evolved from point-in-time analysis to continuous monitoring with behavioural analytics and machine learning technology, which provides real-time insight into every element of an organization’s risk. 

Why do you need network detection and response? 

There are 5 reasons you should consider that can bring value to your organization.  

Complete Network and Device Visibility

Provide the ability to visualise every device on your network and cloud in real-time. 

Continuous Cyber-security Monitoring

Provides organizations with crucial insights along with alerts into what’s happening on your network 24/7/365. 

Threat Detection

Allows you to stay ahead of your attackers by automatically classifying and analysing billions of events across your entire environment.

Autonomous Response

Gives the ability to act in real-time and stop cyberattacks without any human intervention.  

Accelerate Cybersecurity Incident Response

Allows you to run investigations and find out the weakness of your network without relying on other tools. 

With the above, Network Threat Detection and Response is the most efficient tool in cybersecurity to fight cyber-attacks in real-time these days. 

The fact is that most of all cyber-attacks use the network to propagate and launch further attacks, Threat Detection and Response provide the only way to see what is happening at your network level and it is a crucial element to reduce cyber-attacks across all IT environments. 

Benefits that can bring to any organisation

A Proactive Approach to Cybersecurity

With automated response capabilities, you can stop cyber-attacks before they can impact your organization and allow your team to focus on higher-value tasks. 

Actively Prevent Breaches

Automated response capabilities can stop cyber-attacks before they happen by actively monitoring behaviours on the network. 

Prioritise Remediation

Know the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of your network and systems and other potential attack vectors, you can prioritize remediation efforts. 

Strong Cyber Defence Position

Continuous cybersecurity monitoring with an autonomous response allows you to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks. 

Reduce Risk of Cyber Exposure

Reduce risks as soon as it appears on the network, which optimizes your organization’s defence. 

Cost Savings

Running a cybersecurity team is expensive, why not get network threat detection with an autonomous response and let your team focus on things that matter for your organization? 

In conclusion, Network Threat Detection and Response provides the most efficient tool in cybersecurity to fight cyber-attacks in real-time now! 


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