Secoura’s Cyber AI accelerates reporting of data breaches to the Australian government

A data breach occurs when personal information is accessed or revealed without permission, or when it is lost. If your company is subject to the Privacy Act 1988, you must notify those affected and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) before a data breach that may result in significant damage.

Under the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme, all organizations and agencies covered by the Privacy Act 1988 must inform those whose information has been leaked and the OAIC if a data breach is anticipated to inflict major damage on an individual.

When personal information held by a business is lost or subjected to unauthorised access or disclosure, it is known as a data breach. For example, when:

  • a device with customer information is lost or stolen
  • a database with personal information is hacked
  • personal information is sent to the wrong person

A data breach notification to individuals must include recommendations on how they should react to the incident. You must notify the OAIC using their online Notifiable Data Breach form.

Supporting the new legislation, Secoura AI helps speed up the cyber incident reporting process.

Secoura’s has incorporated supervised machine learning, which allows it to automatically produce incident reports in response to various security events. These Secoura incident reports enable businesses to submit OAIC notifications quickly and effectively.

Secoura has proven how Cyber AI enables simple reporting for critical infrastructure businesses that have been victims of ransomware or data theft. The AI technology replicates investigations at machine speed and scale, revealing key facts in minutes, allowing security teams to comprehend what occurred precisely and report it to the authorities.

Secoura’s technology aids the security team in mapping out the timeline of the attack and determine what files were compromised, allowing them to find unusual activity associated with the ransomware attack.

With Secoura’s dashboard, you can track the number of devices affected, usernames and passwords used, file shares accessed, files exfiltrated, and malicious endpoints contacted. This allows the client to reveal the scope of the attack and notify relevant parties.

New legislation requires immediate disclosure, and many conventional security methods fall short to provide the whole picture following an attack. Furthermore, collating this information might take days or weeks. This is why Secoura is no longer a luxury; it’s now a must-have for critical infrastructure organizations, which are obligated to report significant events promptly under new rules.

AI from Secoura allows customers to analyse the timeline of a breach, as well as files accessed and exfiltrated by an attacker, in real-time. This not only helps organizations prepare for the most sophisticated assaults but also allows them to report data breaches quickly and easily.

Security teams should not be expected to deal with disclosure procedures on their own. Attacks happen fast, and the consequences can be severe – isolated retrospective examination of lost data may be a pointless effort. Secoura provides security teams with rapid and specific ways to discover data, as well as risk detection and mitigation, in the face of disruptive and abrupt attacks.


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